Destroy Anything You Want With These Destructive Games

Welcome to DESTRUCTION GAMES - the prime place for web games where you can smash into things and destroy them. Whether you are looking to blow up buildings, crash into people and eat them or control a tank and take on an army we have the games for you right here.

Building Destruction Games

We currently have five building destroyer games where you set TNT and blow up buildings. Of course these games aren't simply about destruction, you need to figure out the right place to set the explosions going in order to bring the whole building down successfully rather than a partial explosion. The Building Blaster series by 2D Play is a good example of these types of game.

Destruction by Dude

Of course if blowing up and destroying buildings isn't your thing you could always fire a dude out of a canon and let him do the damage instead in Demolition Dude by Designoid Games. This game takes on an even simpler goal to that of the Building Blaster games. Rather like Max Damage your aim is to simply knock over objects.

Destroy People, Vehicles, Tanks and Much More with a Giant Worm

If anything was to be crowned king of destruction it would have to be the giant killing worm in the Effing Worms series by Effing Games. Here you control a worm which starts out a modest size but as you begin to munch your way through humans and cause a greater amount of destruction your worm begins to grow into a huge monster! You can cause a serious amount damage in this series and it is probably one of the likeliest to keep you on the keyboard for a very long time. Actually shooting up through the ground and wrecking things seems t unleash an irrestible urge inside of you to simply wreck some more!

Great Games

Indestructo Tank 3 - Destroy the Tank

Most action games require some concern about the health of you main character, but the addictive Indestructo Tank 3 by Armor Games puts your mind at ease as it puts you in control of an indestructible tank that must jump and bounce between enemy craft, gaining combinations and experience points along the way.

Crash Test Launcher - Destroy the Dummy

In Max Games destruction game you choose your vehicle, fuel up the nitro, but don't put on your seatbelt or safety gear since you need to cause as must damage as possible to your crash-test dummy, sending him as far as you can manage and earning upgrades whilst you do so!

Indestructo Copter

Indestructo Copter is a helicopter-shooting extravaganza set in the first-person that is less spray-and-pray and more shot-time delay, with some surprisingly entertaining results.